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Wine Procedure

To make great wine at the Brew Kettle beer is easy, fun, and inexpensive. You can make 30 bottles of red or white, blush or fruit, port or ice wine.


1.  Choose your own wine kit and we mix it up. There are a variety to choose from. You can place your order in store or by phone. Online ordering coming soon!


2.  You add the yeast which starts the fermentation process. It is the law. You must visit our premises the day it is made to add the yeast. The yeast will be prepapred for you to add when you arrive.


3.  Pay for your wine. Legally you have to own it while we process it.


4.  Choose a bottling time. Your wine will be racked, filtered and ready to bottle in 4-6 weeks, depending on what type you choose. 


Steps 1-4 take approximately 5-10 minutes. No appointment necessary.


5.  Return to bottle your wine. It takes about 30 minutes to bottle. We provide free sanitizing, automatic corking and bottling stations. We also provide free corks (bottles, tops and labels are extra). If you cannot make it to your appointment please call us to reschedule.


6.  Take it home and enjoy! Aging the wine improves the taste.



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