October 2022 Specials:

Don't leave it to the last minute.   Now is the time to get your Christmas wine ordered or place your order for the Restricted Quantity and Passport Series wines.

Wine Specials:

RJS Cru Select Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand - Save $10


This renowned New Zealand wine presents soft hues in the glass. It is crisp and light, with intense flavours of grapefruit peel, freshly cut grass, and light oak on the finish.

Dry | Light Oak | Medium Body

VineCo™ Estate Series Vieux Chateau du Roi France - Save $10

Vieux Château du Roi is a blend of French grape juices, creating a wine kit that echoes the style of red Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Châteauneuf-du-Pape, literally translated to “The Pope’s new castle”, is one of the most prominent appellations in France’s southern Rhone Valley.

The VineCo Estate Vieux Château du Roi is a bold red blend with forward flavors of red fruit and spice with notes of leather. This dry, medium-full bodied red wine has a moderate oak character and strong alcohol content of 13% by volume.

Red fruit, spice, leather notes.

  • Sweetness: Dry

  • Oak: Medium

  • Body: Medium-Full

  • ABV: 13%

Beer Specials:

The following all-grain beers are on sale - $22 off

European Lager

Old Country Lager

Domestic Lager

Light Lager

Paul's Lager