June 2021 Specials:

Wine Specials

8 Week Wines:

VineCo™ Estate Series Riesling, California White Wine - Save $10

Apricot, mango, and high acidity

OAK None
BODY Light-Medium

VineCo™ Estate Series Carménère, Chile Red Wine - Save $10

Raspberry, red cherry and plum


OAK Medium

BODY Medium

​ALCOHOL 13.5%

5 Week Wines:

Cru International South Africa Chenin Blanc Style White Wine - Save $10

The fruity nose has hints of green apple and lemon with a subtle floral bouquet. On the palate, true to its South African origins, it is delightfully refreshing.

Oak: Unoaked
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry

Cru International Ontario Sauvignon Blanc White Wine - Save $10

Straw in colour with a refreshing grassy nose; bold herbal tones and fresh citrus flavours on the palate. This wine is as delightful as a cool Ontario Fall day, its finish both long and fruity.

Oak: Unoaked
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry

Cru International Italy Sangiovese Style Red Wine - Save $10

Perhaps Italy’s best loved grape from Tuscany, this wine is expressive on the palate with lively cherry fruit and a brisk acidity supported by ample smooth tannins with a deep and lingering finish.

Oak: Medium
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry

Grape Skins: Dried

Cru International California Syrah Style Red Wine - Save $10

Raspberries and peppery spice blend in harmony to create an elegant flavor with soft, balanced tannins and a lingering, smooth finish. This is a California wine at its best.

Oak: Medium
Body: Full
Sweetness: Dry

Grape Skins: Dried

4 Week Wines:

Chardonnay, California White Wine - Save $5

Grenache Shiraz Mourvèdre, Australia Red Wine - Save $5

Beer Specials

Full Mash European Lager, now $135 for 50 litres - Save $32

Full Mash Koelsch, now $135 for 50 litres - Save $32

HMMMMM.  Think about splitting a batch of wine with another customer and get 15 bottles instead of 30.


This is great for those who want to:

  • Try a new wine

  • Get more variety

  • Choose a special wine for special occasions

  • Build a wine collection

  • Let some wine age.  Select one or more of our high end wines and taste the difference aging makes to good wine. Always a perfect gift.

  • If you want to split a wine, simply let us know and we will find you a match.