May 2021 Specials:

Wine Specials

6 Week Wines:

Mystic California Vineco Estate Series Red Wine - Save $10

After significant research and development, our winemakers have succeeded in creating a mystically perfect blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. This rich and velvety smooth new red is equally suited to mingling at a party or pondering the mysteries of the universe. Smooth black cherry, vanilla and mocha.

Sweetness: Off-Dry

Body: Medium-Full

Oak: Medium

Alcohol: 13.0%

Sauvignon Blanc, California, Estate Series White Wine - Save $10


A clean, refreshing white wine offering a light, fruity aroma with hints of citrus, peach and passion fruit in the finish.

Sweetness: Dry

Body: Light-Medium

Oak: None

Alcohol: 13.0%

5 Week Wines:

Cru International Italy Verdicchio Style White Wine - Save $10

Herbal aromas dominate the bouquet, while flavours of lemon and pear entice the palate. The finish is crisp and clean. A refreshing style white wine.

Oak: Unoaked
Body: Light
Sweetness: Dry

Cru International Chile Merlot Style Red Wine - Save $10


A robust bouquet of warm dark fruit and tobacco leads to elevated aromas of ripe black currants and cherries. Layers of coffee and dark plum notes unfold to reveal a traditional Chilean dry wine with supple tannins.

Oak: Medium
Body: Medium
Sweetness: Dry

4 Week Wines:

Original Series Viognier California White Wine - Save $5

Tangerine, peach and rose.

12% alcohol, light-medium body, easy drinking dry wine.

Original Series Vieux Du Roi, California Red Wine - Save $5

A classic blend creating a rich full bodied red wine with a bold bouquet of ripe fruit and complex flavours of berries, spice and plums with medium oak.


Alcohol: 13% | Body: Medium | Oak: Medium | Sweetness: Dry

Beer Specials

The following All grain beers, 50 litre batches are on sale!

Light Lager Full Mash, Save $32
Domestic Beer Full Mash, Save $32
European Lager Full mash, Save $32
Czech Pilsner Full Mash, Save $32
Mai Bock Full Mash, 7.5 % alcohol, Save $32

***just a few Vienna Lagers left.