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Keurig K-cups

Get 26 k-cups for $12

By the box or make your own variety pack!


Over 50+ Delicious Flavours To Choose From!

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Barista Prima - French Roast
Barista Prima - Italian Roast
Donut House - Light Roast Coffee
Donut Shop - Regular
Eight O'Clock - 100% Colombian Peaks
Eight O'Clock - The Original
Eight O'Clock - Hazelnut
Eight O'Clock - Vanilla Hazelnut
Folgers - Black Silk (Dark Roast)
Folgers - Caramel Drizzle
Folgers - Classic Roast
Folgers - Intensely Dark
Folgers - Lively Colombian
Folgers - Morning Café
Folgers - Vanilla Biscotti
Green Mountain - Caramel Vanilla Cream
Green Mountain - Dark Magic (Dark Roast)
Green Mountain - French Vanilla Decaffinated
Green Mountain - Half-Café
Green Mountain - Island Coconut
Kahlua - Orignal (Light Roast)
Marley - Lively Up (Dark Roast)
McCafe - Expresso Roast
McCafe - Premium Roast
McCafe - Premium Roast Decaffinated
Newman's Own - Newman's Special Blend
Revv - Turbocharger Extra Dark Roast
Starbucks - Dark Roast Caffe Verona
Starbucks - French Roast

Starbucks - Pike Place RoastStarbucks - Pike Place Roast DecaffinatedStarbucks - True North BlendTim Horton's - Bold Roast Colombian


Bigelow - English Breakfast Tea

Bigelow - Green Tea

Timothy's - English Breakfast Tea

Timothy's - Cranberry Green Tea

Timothy's - Lemon Blueberry Passion Flavoured Herbal Tea

Twinnings - Earl Grey Flavoured Black Tea

Tim Horton's - Dark Roast
Tim Horton's - Decaffinated Coffee
Tim Horton's - Original Blend
Timothy's - Breakfast Blend (Light Roast)
Timothy's - Christmas Blend (Medium Roast)
Timothy's - Extra Dark Roast
Timothy's - French Vanilla
Timothy's - German Chocolate Cake
Timothy's - Hazelnut (Medium Roast)
Timothy's - Italian Blend (Medium Roast)
Timothy's - Medium Roast Decaffinated
Timothy's - Midnight Magic (Extra Dark)
Timothy's - Mocha Java (Medium Roast)
Timothy's - Original Donut Blend
Timothy's - Rainforest Expresso
Timothy's - Sugar Bush Maple
Tully's Coffee - French Roast (Dark Roast)
Van Houtte - Butterscotch
Van Houtte - Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Van Houtte - Colombian Dark
Van Houtte - Colombian Medium
Van Houtte - Crème Brulee
Van Houtte - French Roast (Dark Roast)
Van Houtte - French Vanilla
Van Houtte - House Blend Dark
Van Houtte - Mocha Java
Van Houtte - Original House Blend
Van Houtte - Original House Blend Decaffinated
Van Houtte - Vanilla Hazelnut
Van Houtte - Vanilla Hazelnut Decaffinated
Wolfgang Puck - Breakfast In Bed
Wolfgang Puck - Jamaican Me Crazy


Laura Secord - Vanilla Cream Hot Chocolate

Swiss Miss - Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Tim Horton's - Hot Chocolate


Ready to order?

Visit our store to get your Keurig K-cups today: Brew Kettle Ajax, 282 Monarch Ave, Ajax.

Phone: 905-619-0633

*This is an instore special, we do not deliver or ship.

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