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Electrolyte Drinks

Gatorade Zero (10 pack) - $8

Orange, grape, glacier cherry, fruit punch.

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Propel (10 pack) - $8

Gatorade Zero with Electrolytes, Vitamins and No Sugar.

Lemonade, melon, lemon, peach, berry, kiwi strawberry, grape, raspberry lemonade, black cherry

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Ecodrink with electrolytes and 28 vitamins - $38

Sweetened with stevia.

Strawberry Lemonade, Berry, Fruit Punch and Peach Mango.

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Stur Hydration (8 pack) - $10

Sweetened with stevia. Formulated to help you hydrate quickly and naturally. Our electrolyte powder is packed with Antioxidants & B Vitamins for optimal performance. Zero sugar, non-GMO, and made without artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or flavours. Lemon Lime and fruit punch flavours.

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Gatorade liquid concentrate mixes - $30

instantly to replace fluids and minerals. 1 gallon of concentrate makes 6 gallons of Gatorade, 5 to 1 ratio. Flavours:  Fierce Grape, Orange, Lemon-lime or Fruit Punch.

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