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Beer Procedure

The process of making beer on premises is simple, because we do most of the work for you. Just follow these simple steps to get your own great beer.


The Brew Kettle also offers keg rentals for parties, events, etc. For more information please contact us.


How to start a batch of beer:


1.  Choose your beer recipe. There are over 150 to choose from. If you are looking for a specific type of beer, contact us and we can match it!


2.  We will make it for you. Or you can choose to make it yourself. 


3.  You add the yeast which starts the fermentation process. It is the law. You must visit our premises the day it is made to add the yeast. The yeast will be prepared for you to add when you arrive.


4.  Pay for your beer. Legally you have to own it while we process it. 


5.  Choose a bottling time. Your beer will be fermented, filtered, carbonated and ready to bottle in only 2 weeks.


Steps 1-5 take approximately 5-10 minutes if we make your beer. Making your own beer takes about an hour.


6.  Return to bottle your beer. It takes about 1 hour to bottle. We provide free sanitizing and bottling stations. We also provide free plastic and metal caps (bottles extra). If you cannot make it to your appointment please call us to reschedule.


7.  Take it home and enjoy! The beer is ready to drink right away.




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