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Get $50 Off Your First Order

Get $50 Off Your First Craft Wine or Beer Order

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Is it you first time placing an order at the Brew Kettle Ajax?

Take advantage of our new promotional offer and get $50 off your first batch of beer or wine!


Each wine makes 30 bottles, and each beer makes 50 liters (or the equivalent of 6 cases of beer). All of our products are micro-brewed in small batches on site and made the way you like it.

Call, email or visit our store to place your order!


Making your own wine is quick and easy. With a wide selection of high quality wines from around the world, we guarantee that you will find one that is perfect for you!

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Our copper kettles and steam heating system ensure each batch of beer is microbrewed to perfection! Check out our 150+ recipes to find one that is right for you.

Earn $50 When You Refer A Friend!

Another way to earn a discount!

Refer a friend to the Brew Kettle for Wine or Beer and you receive $50 towards your next order and your friend will also receive $50 off their first order.

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Claim Your Discount!

Get $50 off your first order by calling, emailing or visiting us at: The Brew Kettle, 282 Monarch Ave, Ajax

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